Joni has a passion to help individuals and professionals who have suffered prolonged stress, trauma, addictions, or simply struggle with day to day anxiety. You may feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, and angry. As well as, having trouble sleeping, communicating with other, or abusing substances to cope.  Life can be difficult and hard to maneuver through. Your past experiences, ways of coping, and negative thoughts, can affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It can also relate to how you deal with others and your own negative self-talk. Many have tried to manage these issues on your own, with no lasting results, leaving them feeling tired, sad & defeated. Clients need help to stop the painful cycle. Joni wants to help you work through the struggle and to give you tools to thrive.

As a licensed clinician, having extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, you can expect to receive confidential, caring, and compassionate counseling through the best evidence and strength based therapies. Joni believes that educating clients is an integral part of the counseling relationship. Her enthusiasm, as a life-long learner and researcher, helps her better understand and help her clients. She works assisting professionals and individuals become better, stronger, and more successful. 

Be the person you have been created to be!

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Joan Hunter Godsey, MSW, LSW, LCSW, CAMS-II

My Mission

Helping individuals and professionals in becoming the person they have been created to be!

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