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Joan Hunter Godsey, MSW, LCSW, CAMS-II,PBHC

Joni has a passion to help individuals and professionals who have suffered prolonged stress, trauma, addictions, or simply struggle with day to day anxiety. You may feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, and angry. As well as, having trouble sleeping, communicating with other, or abusing substances to cope.  Life can be difficult and hard to maneuver through. Your past experiences, ways of coping, and negative thoughts, can affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It can also relate to how you deal with others and your own negative self-talk. Many have tried to manage these issues on your own, with no lasting results, leaving them feeling tired, sad & defeated. Clients need help to stop the painful cycle. Joni wants to help you work through the struggle and to give you tools to thrive.

As a licensed clinician, having extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, you can expect to receive confidential, caring, and compassionate counseling through the best evidence and strength based therapies. Joni believes that educating clients is an integral part of the counseling relationship. Her enthusiasm, as a life-long learner and researcher, helps her better understand and help her clients. She works assisting professionals and individuals become better, stronger, and more successful. 

Be the person you have been created to be!



Alyssa M. Eilert, MSPC, LMHCA

-Specializing in Marital Therapy, Trauma, and Christian Counseling
-Offering Tele-health, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biblical Counseling

Cognitive Behavior Therapy






To the person who is seeking a safe, judgment-free zone to share their life journey on a path to healing from the past or overcoming present trials, thank you for having the courage to reach out for help. I received my Master's in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from Grand Canyon University and my Bachelor's in Psychology with Honor's recognition from the Purdue University side of IUPUI. I specialize in working with couples, families, and teenagers, as well as individual adults facing a variety of issues. During this trying time, I also provide secure Tele-health services.

Whether it be anxiety, trauma, depression, or stress, I want to be a resource for the community where people can find a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space to share and find healing. I have worked with folks who are healing from depression, anxiety, trauma, as well as those looking to strengthen their marital and family relationships.

My passion has always been to teach clients how to utilize tools to overcome everyday challenges and grow in connections to themselves and others. I find it is critical to helping a person to heal from past trauma, as trauma often brings negative impacts in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

I want to be a resource for you!


Kadie Mathews, LCSW

-Specializing in children age 4 and older through adolescence
-Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Trauma Focused Behavior Approach, parenting, EMDR, group therapy, tele-health

Experiencing trauma, along with other unwanted life events, can leave you feeling dysregulated; meaning that you are more irritable, lack focus, and perhaps are experiencing an increase in interpersonal conflict. It’s possible that you are also feeling unmotivated, alone, and the things you once enjoyed no longer interest you. Perhaps you are a caregiver and you have concerns regarding your child; wondering if their behavior is appropriate and how to help them navigate challenges they are experiencing. Whether you are reading this for yourself or you are a caregiver seeking services for your child, relief from these unwanted symptoms is possible.


Therapy is a refining process, where together, Kadie will support you in identifying changes to help you feel like your true self. Kadie wants to support you in restoring parts of yourself while empowering you to live fully and presently, whether that is through individual work or family sessions.


Kadie received her Bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Psychology and Religious Studies as well as a Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health and Addictions from Indiana University. She has experience working with children and families in a community mental health setting, specializing in treating trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression in children, adolescents, young adults, and families She also incorporates a person-centered approach and motivational interviewing into her work, and is open to supporting clients in incorporating Christian principals into their healing journey.


Kadie is enthusiastic and attempts to make therapy sessions an engaging and safe space. Outside of therapy, Kadie enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, being outdoors, and volunteering at her church.

Kadie Mathews


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